The Main Ring

I am a human being whose thirst is never quenched.
I am a person whose passion is unrivaled.
I am a force with which to be reckoned and I will not be stopped.
My days are
spend on labors to harness my craft.
My work ethic does not falter.
My goals never waiver. 
I am a fighter whose courage should never be doubted.
My partner weighs in at 1,200 pounds and the danger is ever present.
I live for the thrill of being eight feet above the world. 
I ride for the adrenaline.
I play for keeps. 
When circumstances seem bleak I rise above with grace and poise. 
I rise above every challenge.
I am relentless and I will take whats mine.
I leave no stone unturned no path untrodden.
I am dedicated. 
I am fierce.
But above all else.


I Am An Equestrian